'Bad Dream' on One Tree Hill Tonight

I got word that this was happening a few weeks back, but I wasn't sure when it would be airing and thus forgot to post it any earlier than right now, which is only minutes before it will be airing (depending on your time zone).

This is the second song of mine they've used on OTH, which I guess means their music supervisors and/or producers like the EP, or that it's somehow sad and pensive enough to serve as the ideal background music for a breakup/charachter conflict scene, or that I have incredibly well-connected friends.

Truthfully, having a song on a TV show like OTH gives me the same feeling as when someone emails or calls or otherwise goes out of their way to tell you that a song of mine has meant a lot to them — which is to say they both make me very grateful for the privilage that it is to be able to make music.

If you have the chance to catch it on air tonight, enjoy it for me. I still don't have cable.

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