'Bright Ideas' Behind the Scenes

Over the summer we had the good fortune to be among 30 artists from across British Columbia and Alberta that were awarded the means to make a new music video by the kind folks at Public Records and Telus. It’s for a new song called ‘Bright Ideas’, and you can watch it over here if you haven't already seen it.

A co-production between my brother/Director Josh Pick, Rachel Pick, and myself, from a basic concept (we didn't really know how we were going to pull it off) we had six weeks to storyboard, plan, shoot, edit, and deliver something we thought would be really cool to watch. We had the help of a ton of talented people along the way, and we had even more fun working together with them, so we thought maybe you, dear reader would like to see a little bit more of the process behind the scenes.

Thanks once again to our incredible cast—Gwenessa Lam, Mike Priebe, Brian Chan, Caleb Chan, Esther Chan, Kara Cender—and to our willing and patient crew, Paul Conigliaro, and Ashley Bond.

Photos by Rachel Pick of course.


4:15 AM, Vancouver. Almost all of the shots in the video required the cover of darkness, which is quite late in the summer months. For this scene, we needed the sky to be just light enough to be able to place the star background in, and still see the trees. Gwenessa is a talented artist/painter herself, so she was used to the late hours.

Josh, calling the shots.Gwanessa (left) on her first mark, Zaac (right) setting up fill lights.At the lamp-shop, lights on and lights off. Anyone who has worked on a video or music project knows, you'll spend most of your time debating the tiniest of details. Mike Priebe, looking pensive at Third Beach in Stanley Park.Now this is what we call the poor man's 'fill light'. Not a bad set, eh?The moment you've all been waiting for—the secret of the glow-heads revealed! One of my favorite directors is Michel Gondry, who is a genious of low-tech solutions to high-tech problems. And what would Michel do? After much experimentation, the winning combination turned out to be: two tennis sweatbands, 2 LED video lights, fistfulls of AA batteries, one packaging tape re-inforced paper lantern (slightly modified inside to accomodate a human head instead of a light bulb). The set decoration for the gorgeous forest party scene was the handiwork of our friend Ashley Bond (Spreadlove Events). We sent her a few reference photos and she showed up with her husband Jason and blew our minds. The icing on the cake was, well, the actual icing on the cake. The original icing looked too yellow on camera, so she re-did it with buttercream frosting. Divine. When you ask someone to come slow-dance in a dark forest in the middle of the night with a lantern on their head, and they agree, you know you've got some special friends. These guys are total pros, and we had such a good time together, even if the odd moth snuck inside of somebody's glow-head. This is the real Caleb and Ester Chan, two thirds of the Chan clan that includes their brother Brian. Brian and Caleb have done all the string arrangements on all of my records, and we've played shows together for the past 4 years. Brilliant musicians, even better people. I'm the guy with the storyboards on a clipboard. Sticking to the plan.'What are a bunch of glow-heads going to do with cake? They don't have mouths' you say? Well wouldn't you like to know. We took them off and ate it of course.

Special thanks to Dawn Pick for your good ideas and patience, Jesse Rosten for the solid advice, Tim + Raven Lindberg for the van, Steve + Jeanette Moss for the chairs, Jason Bond for helping set up.