Fall 2013 House Concerts

Greetings friends. The night air has cooled, greens have begun to burst into golds, warm sweaters have been set out. I am still hermit-ing away in my home studio putting the finishing touches on a new album, but have begun yearning again for the open road, the warmth of a few folks gathered in living rooms to enjoy each others company and song. And so I am glad to be planning a handful of Canadian house concerts this October.

I'll be performing a number of brand-new songs from my upcoming full-length release, as well as music from my previous two EPs 'Fierce Wind' and 'Whitewater'. If you'd be interested in hosting an intimate gathering of friends for an evening of music in your home between October 7th - October 15th, 2013, read on.

Here's how things typically work, dear hosts:

- You have a cozy space, and could guarantee at least 15 guests.
- You host the party, and invite the guests, and I will provide the music.
- Admission would be $10 per person.
- There will be no physical tickets, payment will be collected by cash on the eve of the show.
- I will play a 60 minute set and spend the evening hanging out. Usual start time is around 8PM.
- Possibly a place for two to sleep (there's me plus my wife/tour manager/occasional violin player Rachel).
- It is not required for hosts to provide dinner but if you would like to, that would be amazing! It's ok either way, we just need to know ahead of time so we can make other arrangements.
- Most of my songs are pretty quiet, but I may use a little speaker of mine to amplify the vocals a bit. Any neighbours you share a wall/floor/ceiling with should be cool with an hour of live folk music.

If you're interested, please provide the following information in an email to info (at) zaacpick (dot) com. We'll follow up with you ASAP.

- Your name.
- Your complete address.
- Your contact e-mail & phone number
- Whether or not you share the home with a cat (while I enjoy them on the internet, in person I'm rather allergic, so I'd only be able to survive the evening, not overnight).
- Any other questions or concerns you may have.

Thank-you so much for reading/listening. I hope to share some new songs with you soon!